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Corporate Insurance Plan

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Corporate Insurance Plan

Nowadays each and every business firm is having a set of requirements. Our services are specially layered to satisfy the business needs diagonally the commercial range. It is very important to acquire insurance cover for your business firm to deduce risk factors. Most of the insurance lender offers corporate insurance policies, taking insurance for your business add the beneficiary, but choosing the lender is one of the daunting task. We, Savings India can assist you prefer and take a suitable insurance policy based on your need and budget. It provides extensive range of employee benefit solutions that assists organization to reward, retain and persuade the unsurpassed talent in the industry. Through our services you can compare and select the suitable plan which provides comprehensive cover.

Group Health Insurance

Basically this insurance plan can cover a group of people, generally who are employees or professionals in a group. It assists organizations find out and reduce the risk factors which will be faced by their employees. Employee Health Insurance is specifically preferred by a business firm for assisting employees in offering sufficient cover to their employees. Benefits and features have listed below

  • Commonly, group health insurance covers medical expenses for insured, his or her parents, spouse and his or her children.
  • Some of the insurance lender also covers existing illness of their family members
  • Maternity cover also available in group health insurance plan

Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident Policy plan provides reimbursement in the cause of disability due to accident or death. It operates throughout the world and it is a 24/7 cover. Death Cover will be varied based on the type of lender.

Fire insurance, industrial and other insurance

Fire Insurance Policy covers damage or destruction to the insured properties. Commonly it will be issued by the Tariff Advisory Committee. Industrial Insurance will cover the machineries which have insured and it is possible to get premium on those things when it is having some trouble. Feel free to contact us for enquiring about these kinds of insurance plans.