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Income Tax and PAN

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File your TDS Returns and Income Tax Returns

Savings India also assists people to file their TDS returns, income tax returns and enable people to apply for PAN and TAN number. We at Savings India provide these services based on the requirements of customers. Everyone knows that a person who have earned exceeding non taxable limit of yearly income have to pay income tax. And they have to fine income tax returns continuously in order to ignore the laws concerns. It is actually a duty of each and every person. Commonly TDS can be expressed as Tax Deducted at Source. It is the amount of money cut down from your earnings by the institution, employer, and other resources where you have been getting your income. This meant you are paying the tax early.

Nowadays it is very simple to file TDS through some online portal, for that we can provide the assistance which enables the person to file TDS.

Apply for a PAN number

Now PAN card is a necessary document for everyone, generally PAN card will be used by the Department of Income Tax in India. It is just like an identification number for people in India, obtained from the department of income tax controlled by the Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT. Recently PAN was added as a required document for acquiring a phone connection, opening a bank account and so on. We assist you to take a PAN card in a simple way. If you are having clear identity proof then you can get it without facing any trouble.

Permanent Account Number card contains person's name, father's name, date of birth and photo. This card can't be transferable to others. According to the government act, this card will be issued to the individual.

Apply for a TAN number

TAN means Transaction Authentication Number, which is a ten digit alphanumeric number. This number is used as acronym for tax deduction and collection account number. It is required for all communication regarding TDS. Savings India will assist you to apply for TAN number, it can be applied either online or offline. Contact us to get the details on form number which is used to apply for TAN number.