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Legal Documentations and Contracts

We, at Savings India also working out on Legal Documents and Contracts, Legal Advice and Support, Investment Documentation, Property Matter and so on. Our team has enough knowledge on documentations.

In this section, we provide support on employment contract, loan agreement, Legal agreement, Non disclosure agreement, Will, Send a legal notice, Service Legal Agreement − SLA, Memorandum of Understanding as well as Terms of service and Privacy policy. Each and every section has handle with different kind of form numbers. Without having a clear idea on documentation, it is not possible to access everything in a proper manner. One of the added advantage of hiring our service on documentation and contracts purpose is time saving. As per law, we will work on your contract and documents. So you can do everything as a genuine person.

Legal Advice and Support

As a legal adviser, our team members will deliver the clear cut information on your needs. If you are looking to get the legal support and advice, just reach us to obtain it. You can get both basic as well as advanced legal opinion from our lawyer. Nowadays, there are a number of risky factors surround us and trouble us on documentations and contracts. So, getting advice and suggestion from legal well wisher will avoid facing risky factors.

Investment Documentation

Savings India also provides support on investment documentation, term sheet and shareholder's agreement. If you are looking to invest on something then you should have clear details about that firm. More number of hidden factors will present behind the firm, so getting support from a legal advisor will enable you to stay in a safe zone. Term sheet referred as a bullet point document which sketches the material terms and conditions of an organization as well as business agreement. We also provide support on Shareholder's agreement which is an agreement between the shareholders of the company.