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Company Registration In Chennai

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Savings India enables the person who want start a partnership firm, LLP as well as one company. For those things, the person should have some documentation and license. Through our assistance you can get everything without facing any trouble. According to the government regulation, people have to follow some guidelines to initiate the business. But it will be vary based on the type of business either it may be started as single person firm or partnership firm. Our team will provide the details on registering a partnership firm. Registration system will vary based upon the business type.

About Partnership Firm

Partnership firm is defined as relation between 2 or more people who have contracted to share both profit and loss of a business which is carried out by them. The owners of the partnership firm are preferably called as Partners. Let's get the details on significant features of a partnership firm. Partnership is very simple to form, it does not require more formalities. However it does not need any registration but if you want obtain the benefits then you have to register. Registrar of business firm is liable for registering partnership business firm.

Benefits of Partnership firm

  • Ease of formation is said to be an added advantage of initiating partnership firm
  • Investment can be shared by the partners, so it is very simple to acquire the credit resources
  • More managerial abilities and better judgment

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and One Person Company

Limited Liability Partnership is an upgraded corporate structure which coalesce the suppleness of the partnership as well as benefits of the limited liability of an organization at low acquiescence cost. Based on the mutual agreement, members can organize the internal management. Indian Partnership Act 1932 will not appropriate to Limited Liability Partnership.

If you want to initiate the independent firm then you just prefer one person company, we can also assist on acquire based on your requirements. Feel free reach us to get assistance.