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Savings India held up to register an NGO. Basically NGO means Non Governmental Organization which is any voluntary citizen group without any profit is structured on international, national or local level. NGOs can perform a number of humanitarian functions and service, carry citizen disquiets to advocate, government and enhance the political participation through stipulation of information. NGOs can be registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. In India according to Section 20 of this act, societies such as military orphan funds, charitable societies, literature or fine arts and so on can be registered. We assist you in the NGO registration process with our special team.

Government Licenses and Registration

Nowadays, getting government licenses and registration is said to be a daunting task. With the assistance of our suggestion you can get license and certification without facing any trouble. We assist you on getting birth certificate, name change, death certificate, ISI registration, Trade license, food license, shops and establishment license and IE Code (Import Export Code).

For getting above licenses and certificates, you have to spend more time and provide the clear documents. Savings India enables the person to acquire those things in a short span of time period without facing any hassle. Most of the people think filling forms and documenting the required certificates are long process. In that criterion, you can refer a team like us, though you can get more benefits and your work load will be deduced on getting certifications.

Property Matters

We also offer services on industrial, residential and commercial properties. If you are having any trouble on these related things just reach us to rectify those things through our suggestions. While you are looking for industrial properties, you have to analyze more things. Through our analyze report you can medicate the risk factors around your property. Our team also having good knowledge on Right To Information (RTI). Reach Savings India to acquire everything without facing any trouble in a genuine way.