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Profession Tax

Professional Tax is implied for particularly for trades, employments, callings and professions in India. This tax is pertinent for both organizations such as firm, club, HUF, company and so on and individuals.

Profession Tax for Individuals and Filing

Nowadays each and every person is engaged in different profession, employment, calling or trade is legally responsible and have to get certificate of employment from the Authority of Profession Tax. If this certificate is obtained by an individual then he or she can get relief for 1 years payment. We in Savings India help you to get this certification without leading you to face any trouble. It is off the hook for senior citizen whose age is above sixty five. Handicapped person who have more than forty percentage of disability also exempted.

Profession Tax For business firms or Organizations

According to the Profession Tax Act, an employer of business firm is needed to obtain registration. Taxes can be deducted directly from the salary of the employees which can be made through registration certificate. Also as a business firm, the company or an organization has required to get enrollment certificate for paying the profession tax on their behalf.

Penalties of Profession Tax

Delays in getting registration certificate or enrollment cause penalty of some amount of money for per day. If you have submitted fake details regards enrollment then it causes penalty of three times of tax amount. You can avoid those things in a simple way by reaching us. Savings India team will assist you to acquire the certification legally, so you are not supposed to pay any penalties. Nowadays anyone can apply for profession tax certification through online portal by having right documents.

Profession Tax Application

Savings India assists you to get certification and we provide the details regarding the document submission. Based on the revised procedure, our team will enable you to register for certification. You can also get counseling to acquire it. We have all kind of application forms based on the government regulation. We proud to share that we are an updated team, based on the government notification which will be issued.