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Company Registration In Chennai

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Public Limited Company

Looking to start a public limited company? Savings India assists you to start public limited company legally without facing any trouble. Public Limited Company is also one of the types of public company subsist in their personal right, which means the organization's finances can be separated from the individual finances of their members. If you are willing to start a Public Limited Company then you should have at least 2 shareholders. As well as you should issue the shares to public to a minimum amount of £50,000. It is possible to register through both offline as well as online registration form. Having at least 2 directors will be considered as an added benefit. In this form, profits commonly scattered to shareholders in the structure of shares. We will provide the details on liability, guidelines and so on.

Start a Sole Proprietorship Firm

Savings India Team members enable the concern person to start the sole proprietorship firm legally. If you are the person looking to initiate the proprietary firm then you have to decide the business entity. It does not require any registration process under the government but have to get licenses to setting up a sole proprietor company. Business license will vary based on the type of business firm. Beneficiary things of starting sole proprietorship firm - Complete control, easy tax preparing, and it is inexpensive to form.

Start a Subsidiary Company

For starting a subsidiary company, initially you have to contract the secretary for registration purpose. And then you have to apply for employer identification number, for that we can provide our assistance. Through internal revenue service, you can get employer identification number. It is compulsory for tax returns, banking and invoicing. And it may differ from 1 assigned to primary business firm.