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File VAT Returns & Sales Tax Returns

Savings India also works to get solution to file VAT return, and sales tax returns in the best way. VAT means Value Added Tax which is one of the progressive and modern forms of sales tax. Commonly this tax will be collected and charged by the dealers on price paid by the clients. If you are a person considered as a registered dealer then you have to file a VAT return. For this process, you can get assistance from us based on your requirements. If your return notifies that tax is due then you should pay the tax. This is considered as a part of your self evaluation return. Here self evaluation is also referred as self assessment which means, under value added tax, you are the conscientious person for filing complete, correct and self constant returns by due date.

When people have to file their return

For monthly, if the net tax liability amount in the past year was higher than one lakh rupees, then you must file the returns monthly. For quarterly, the net tax liability amount in the past year was higher than rupees twelve thousand but was less than one lakh , then you have to file your returns quarterly in the date of June 30, September 30, December 31, and March 31. For half yearly, if your net tax liability in the last year was Rs. 12000 or lesser than that amount, you must make your returns on every 6 months. Retailers who have opted for composition scheme should file 6-monthly returns and other dealers should follow the rules for filing return.

When people have to file their return

Deadline for filing your return is January or early to February 20th or prior to 20th March and other returns by twenty fifth day of following month. You should file your return at bank which gets tax payment while if tax amount is due to paid. We at Savings India will provide our support on these things once you have opted our services. You can also get all kind of notifications regarding sales tax.