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File Service Tax Returns

Service Tax is commonly entailed by the government of India on services offered in India. Each and every service provider collects tax and pays it to the government. This tax will be charged on all kind of services except some of the negative list of services. Certain percentage on income will be deduced as a tax. We at Savings India assist people to file service tax returns as well as applying for service tax. People can be classified into different kinds to file the Service Tax Returns.

Four kinds of persons needed to file Service Tax Returns

  • Input service distributors
  • Service receivers wherever are legally responsible to pay service tax on repeal charge basis
  • Persons responsible to pay tax
  • Small service providers

Service Tax Application & Liable people to file service tax return

According to the rule 7(1) and section 70, liability to file service tax return is direct based on the person who is liable to pay the service tax. Lets get the details on Rule 7(1), Section 70(1), Section 70(2) and Section 69(2).

Section 70(1) Act

Each and every person is liable to pay service tax will themselves assess tax based on the services provided by them and will equip to the Superintendent of Central Excise.

Section 70(2) Act

Class of persons or a single person, who have notified under the sub section (2) of Section 69, should equip to the Superintendent of Central Excise, and then the return in such manner or such form and at such frequency may be set downed.

Like above, you can the details about law facts from our team members. Savings India enables you to apply for service tax return as well as assist you to apply for service tax. Feel free to contact us regarding service tax and others.